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We love providing these services to and working with…

We love providing these services to and working with…

Real Estate Agents

Interior Designers

Moving Companies

Home Owners

Relocation Project Management

Services that caters to Home Owners and Industry Professionals

Moving is stressful and often comes at the most inconvenient time when we are already juggling so much.  Let Dexterous Organizing help you before you move with a pre-pack prep.  We go through your items, deciding what items to keep, sell, donate, and discard.  We can book services and appointments to get it all done with ease. We can work with your moving company to manage the pack and delivery of boxes for local moves.  We can then unpack and set up your new home so you can function in a matter of hours or days.  If you choose to, we can take your move up a notch and get premium organization, style, and staging.

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Pre-Prep Packing

  • We help you go through every room/cabinet and shelf to decide and provide logistics and auxiliary services for donating, discarding, and selling unwanted items

  • We give three moving company suggestions

On-site Management

  • We place items together that the packers need to pack together and label them for what the box should say

  • On-site management so packers pack the boxes as we’ve designed.

  • On-site management for loading and unloading (for local moves)

Unpacking & Set-up

  • We unpack the boxes and set up your home for functionality.

  • We can help procure & coordinate other services such as the installation of TV’s and cleaning services

& Staging

  • We can come back to stage the home or parts of the home for an organized aesthetic look with coordinated containment solutions.

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