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Where Did You Put Your Sunglasses?

It's Sunglasses Day and although we might be in a pandemic, going outside and enjoying the sun are still glorious opportunities to enjoy.

Some of us may have a sunglass love and for those folks, it's great to have access to and keep your favorite shades in one place and organized!

Here are some suggested ways to keep your eyewear right where you need them.

This sunglass holder can hang right on the wall or door in your closet or by the door so you don't forget to pick up your favorite pair or make sure your pair matches your outfit!

Want to have a display right on your dresser or vanity? Look like you're shopping right from your closet!

Keep your shades cool and dust-free with this beautiful vanity! Don't have 8 pairs of sunglasses to fill this case? No problem! It can also hold watches, bowties, or other small accessories.

Keep cool y'all!

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