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When Do You Reset?

Most of our clients hire Dexterous Organizing to answer many questions to get them back into shape organizationally. Many of those questions start with "how" and "where".

"How do I keep my office papers from piling up on my desk?" "Where's the best place to store my out of season clothing?" "How do I stay on top of business cards and receipts?" "Where should I keep my mail?"

We usually rock our clients' lives with new perspectives on the where and how of things, suggestions on containment solutions, best practices for labeling, and charities and recycling solutions for helping them to declutter. Although all of those how and where questions are valid in the organizational process, the biggest question to solve organizational challenges in the long term is WHEN?

After we figure out where things go, and how you will process these things, the next question in the puzzle is when will you put the things where they go and when you will process the things!

Let's call it a RESET.

Morning routines, evening routines, weekend routines, weekday routines, yearly, quarterly, the day-to-day of it all will help you keep your spaces in your home, office, and your life organized.

  • When do you empty the dishwasher?

  • When do you clean out the fridge?

  • When do you clean out the car?

  • When do you put your coat away when you come home?

  • When do you sort through your mail?

  • When do you pay bills?

  • When do you process the kid's school work that comes home?

  • When do you donate clothing that is too small, too large, too out-dated?

For long-term, sustainable organizational systems, where you do it and how you do it is important but not as important as when you do it!

We all get overwhelmed with life (secret: even Professional Organizers!) but it's the routines we cling to that help us to stay on track with systems and processes which actually keep overwhelm away more often or minimize its intensity.

Need help figuring out the Where, How, and When of an organizational or productivity challenge?

Let's schedule a time to chat! Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call with Kellie or Andrea to find out how we can help you create a sustainable organizational system in your life, home, or business.

If you have a great routine for keeping a particular place, space, or part of life organized, share with us in the comments below!

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