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The Value In Saying No

Have you ever known a person (or been that person) that says yes to a project or event or task and because they are "doing the most" already, either fail to do it or failed to do it well?

What's the lesson in that for us?

Many of us are overachievers, we have seen others seemingly "do it all" and we think that's how it should be done. If we say "no" to someone we are letting them down. But in reality, if we are overstretched or fail to remember the task because we are too distracted with other things, it's really worse to say "yes" and not do it than to say "no" and let the person find someone or some other alternative.

If the situation comes up that you absolutely have to accept the task and can't say no, it's probably good to recognize what you will have to also be saying no if you say yes to the requested task. Will you have to postpone a personal project? Will you be burning the midnight oil and getting less sleep? Will you not be spending dedicated time to self-care, building your spirituality, or spending time increasing valuable relationships with family and close friends?

Whether you say yes or no, realize the cost of either course and make an informed decision. A very wise man once said: "To let your 'Yes' mean Yes and your 'No', No."

Good questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I currently have going on during this time?

  • If I have the time, will I have the energy to complete the task(s)?

  • What are all the mini-tasks involved if I say yes? How long will these tasks take?

  • Can I schedule these tasks in my week?

  • What will I have to shift in my schedule if I say yes?

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