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Pivoting Doesn't Always Mean Re-creation!

Have you ever gone back in an old journal or skimmed written pages in a current one to read something you wrote a few weeks, months, or years ago? Perhaps you saw a video of yourself you posted when you thought you'd start a YouTube channel back in 2012?

Did you have an ah-ha! moment that despite the changes that have gone on around you or even the incremental changes you've experienced because of life and maturity you are still YOU. At your core, you are the same person.

Clutter is often the remnants of the past. Maybe you went through a phase of collecting journals with cute and inspiring sayings? Maybe you were exploring if you'd be good at a new hobby that never panned out (knitting needles I'm looking at you).

During this time of quiet and unrest perhaps instead of REINVENTING yourself, you can spend time in the quiet and restless moments to reconnect with yourself. Instead of picking up a brand new hobby or distracting yourself with new ideas of pivoting to be a different post-pandemic person. Look at old hobbies you drifted away from or things you thought you'd try but never had the patience or time to fully pursue.

Here are some ideas to clear some clutter with the purpose of REDISCOVERING who you are, what you stand for, what you love.

  • Go through old emails

  • Strengthen connections you already have

  • Clear out old papers and notebooks

  • Clear out a craft area

  • Go through old journals

  • Go through old letters and cards

By coming from a place of knowing and awareness and not of fear and panic, during a time of uncertainty you stand more powerful. You may find instead of adding new things and pivoting in a certain direction may just be added "clutter" to your future self.

You may find, you already have the tools and you already are enough to get through each day successfully. If you spend time feeding who you are at your core while you have the time and attention, you'll be a not-so-different post-pandemic person, but just a more powerful version of you.


Andrea Hancock is a Professional Organizer and Owner of Dexterous Organizing, a professional organizing and lifestyle company serving the Washington, DC Metro area. Andrea has been organizing professionally since 2010 and has completed the foundation courses in the Coach Approach for Organizers Training. She believes mostly anyone can create the organizational system that works for their lives through training, awareness, and consistent efforts.

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