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Our routines then, now, and after...

Like a child, we need structure playtime and flexibility.

I'm not a parent but I have friends that do. If anybody is flexible it has to be parents. Things can be set but there's a boo-boo, cranky mood, accident, sudden fever and it's time to flex, pivot, change and adapt. We might have a plan in place but then we have to reset to cater to whatever the child may be experiencing in the moment.

We were once children with various emotional needs and we often expressed our emotions quite vividly. When we were overwhelmed, it was easier to pick up on and our parents responded to try to soothe our discomfort.

But somewhere along the way as we become adults we learn to quiet the inner-child and we do a lot of things we don't want and don't like to do all in the name of #adulting

However, it's important to find a balance between acknowledging our need to "get things done" and our need to cater to our emotions. Although we can't usually take the whole day to "play" we have to find things that center us so we can actually do the things we don't want or don't like to do to survive.

Balance is such a hard thing to find when bills have to be paid, mouths have to be fed, and the dishes won't wash themselves!

One of my favorite YouTubers is Evelyn From The Internets, below is her entertaining look at what she does to reset when she's feeling the overwhelm we experience while #adulting

  1. Stop & acknowledge you're feeling overwhelmed

  2. Breathe

  3. Use sounds

  4. Go outside!

  5. Ask for help

  6. Eat something

  7. Tidy up your space for 20 minutes

Without further ado, Evelyn take it over:

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