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How your desk can be an inspiration!

One Sunday morning I was hoping to finish some breakfast, clean the bathroom, and get back in the bed. I was tired from a long week, and Sunday is my normal day to chill a bit.

After breakfast, I was headed back upstairs to the bedroom to play The Sims4 on my computer before I went to worship at my Christian meeting. But my helpful husband was being...well, helpful and stripped the bedding to put in the wash.

Alas, with no refuge on the bed (because no, I didn't feel like making up the bed with fresh sheets),

I decided to relax in my office which actually has a zone for such an activity. The only challenge was my office was a bit disheveled from a hectic week. There were three bags on the floor and some unaccomplished work on my desk. I took about 10-minutes to sort, purge and put things back in their place (reset).

Once my space was open and my desk was clear, I sat at my desk as a freshly tidied office may beckon you to do. The reset space was an inspiration not to relax but to blog. I was so inspired that I wrote 3 blog posts and didn't relax, but boy did I feel randomly accomplished!

Lessons learned:

  • Your space can leave you avoiding it

  • Your space can leave you inspired

Which does your office leave you feeling most of the time? Running away or inspired?

If your office is a bit messy, how long would it take you to "reset"? If it takes you more than 30 minutes perhaps your systems are out of wack or non-existent.

When do you "reset" your space of inspiration whether it be an office, a desk, an art studio, or a craft room?

A tidy space can breed creativity.

It doesn't have to be perfect or sparse, but you should be able to find what you need when you need it and feel un-cramped enough to let the mind spark and flow.

Who knows? Maybe you're not tired, you're just uninspired. Try organizing your office and see which. If you're truly tired you can still take a nap and rest well, knowing your office will be there to inspire you when you wake up.


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