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How To Make Your Move Less Stressful

A British energy company (E.ON) conducted a survey asking people to rank events by how stressful they are. 62% voted that moving was the most stressful event, followed by a break up/divorce, and starting a new job. Let’s also mention that moving is usually followed by divorce or starting a new job! Yikes!

Here are some tips to make it less stressful:

  1. Sort, purge, donate, sell, or trash excess - There’s no greater regret from clients than having to pack up or pay someone to move items you trash or donate on the other side of the move.

  2. Visualize & plan where things will go in the new spaces - Paying someone to move your couch only to realize it doesn’t fit comfortably in your new living room is not only a bummer on your mood but your budget.

  3. Group like things together or by the room, they will live at the new space - If you group items where they will live in the new space pre-packing, your unpacking will be less stressful.

  4. Label, label, label - Labeling boxes with contents, the priority of opening, and what room it should land is a bit of work and thought on the packing end but saves so much time and frustration on the unpacking side.

  5. Plan for the days after the move - Pack a bag of clothes and toiletries for the first few days after the move. Don’t forget to pack away paper plates, napkins, and eating utensils for pre-prepared foods or take-out will help you save some sanity as your energy levels will surely be low after managing a move.

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