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Do You Have Pantry Envy?

Having Kim or Khloe Kardashian's pantry is possible but is it realistic for you and your lifestyle?

What would it take to have a pantry like this? Here's some suggestions:

  • Grocery shopping with a list. Prepare the shopping list by reviewing what you are low on and sticking to your list at the grocery store.

  • Using up items that will expire soon by meal planning.

  • Keeping like with like or categories in fridge and pantry by having a weekly routine to maintain your pantry

  • Only buying things that will fit in the space you have by asking "where will this fit/where will I put this?" when you're out shopping.

  • Limiting or eliminating buying in bulk (does a family of < 3 need a Costco membership?, just sayin'), unless you can follow above suggestion

  • Buying similar items most of the time by buying what you normally like and experiment with things when you have people over or taking items to friends. If you don't like the item, it won't clog up your pantry.

  • Firmly justifiy buying 10 for $10 deals. Do you need/will you use up 10 in a reasonable amount of time? Can you get less and still get the deal?

  • Having a general idea of how quickly you use up items. For instance: How long does it take you to use up 5 cans of beans? A pack of paper towels? A box of cereal? Having an idea will keep you from over-buying.

Want a more organized pantry?

Schedule a free discovery call today to get the conversation started!

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