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Meet The Team


Leslie Sunderlin

Organizing Team Member

From a young age Leslie volunteered many of her evenings and weekends to assisting friends and family with sorting, purging, organizing, moving and decorating. Her easy-going and approachable personality has been proven to have a calming effect on people in stressful situations.


Leslie has worked with a wide-range of organizing situations from the elderly needing to downsize, and those who’ve lost a loved one, needing to gently edit out the deceased belongs. She's also helped families needing to quickly pick-up and move cross-country, nesting mothers-to-be, and gentlemen trying to make sense of their garage & shed spaces. 


Her favorite places to tackle are spaces that are most often utilized – kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms and offices. She loves the challenge of creating a personalized plan to help keep the organization sustainable.

In her spare time Leslie loves to travel and do so as often as she can. Whether across the globe or to the next neighborhood over, exploring and having interesting adventures is a joy.  With a degree in Photography she is a lover of The Arts

visual, musical, performance. She also enjoys modern and contemporary arts.


Another joy is in her words: "Food! I love good, interesting, delicious, creative foods of all sorts. Some eat to live, I live to eat."



Organizing Team Lead

Jasmin V Headshot.jpg

Jasmin Vargas

Organizing Team Member

Born and raised in Northern VA, Jasmin is a born-organizer and has fond memories of organizing from an early age.  Since about the age of 8 she was filing papers, helping her parents clean and organize the garage, and attempted to label everything in her room, the kitchen, and all over her home with her small Brother PT-65 label maker which she still uses to this day!  The oldest of 3 she’s developed systems for her younger siblings, and through trial and error learned that she has to cater organizational systems for each member of her family for it to be successful.


Jasmin is incredibly patient, has wonderful analytical skills, puts together furniture like a champion and loves sorting and finding suitable homes for our client’s belongings. She loves helping our clients develop systems to help them not stress about wasting time and frustrations looking for something. It also makes her happy to help bring joy, peace, and happiness through organization.


She joined the Dexterous Organizing Team in 2018 and currently spends her time as a Front-End Web Development student.  Jasmin earned her black belt in 2013 and also works as a Taekwondo instructor, teaching all age groups and students with special needs.  When she has free time, she spends it with family and friends and volunteering.

Organizing Team Lead

Chiree W Headshot.jpg

Chiree Danielle Wanzer

Danielle was born to organize! As long as she can remember, she’s been organizing things.  From crayons, school work, and toys to her clothing, she’s found organizing to be therapeutic and calming.  Her family has benefited as she’s been organizing for them since childhood.


Although Chiree (Shy-ree) is her first name, we at Dexterous Organizing introduce her to clients as Danielle, her middle name. She reached out for this opportunity with Dexterous Organizing in 2018 and happily joined the team to help bring her love of organizing and her skill set to making life better for our clients.


Born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised in DC, she’s spent over almost 3 decades in both Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina.  Now back in the DMV, you can find her enjoying time with her 5-year-old Cockapoo “daughter”, Bentley!

Nancy W Headshot.jpg

Nancy Weissman

From an early age Nancy was organized, but it wasn’t until her young adult years she realized her trait was unique.  When she was home visiting from college, her presence was felt by her parents noticing all the shoes at the door were lined up and the coats were hung!


Before her retirement from being a clinical research coordinator, she continued to hone her organizational skills as the position required all the t’s to be crossed and i’s to be dotted as her work was reviewed by the FDA.


Now as a team member with Dexterous Organizing, she enjoys helping our clients get their spaces from cluttered to calm.  She makes great suggestions and puts her natural leaning toward organization to good use by helping them to transform their home into a haven.


After living in Boston for 10 years, she’s called Alexandria home for the past 20.  She currently lives in Alexandria with her teenage son and Golden Retriever.

Camille W Headshot.jpg

Camille Wilson

Ever since Camille was little, she’s known she was a bit different.  While other kids were having water fights in the backyard, she was organizing the toolbox in the shed and rearranging the linen closet.  With a background in public administration and social work, Camille has a particular passion for helping people get “unstuck” and finally breathe deeply in their spaces.  She brings a systems-level perspective to her work and is eager to help create solutions that support our client’s ideal lifestyle, routine, and makes them excited to come home.


Camille joined the Dexterous Organizing team as an associate organizer in August 2018.  She loves using her gift for organizing to bring calm and joy to people’s spaces. Kitchens are her jam but bedrooms and offices are a close second.  Camille believes that a healthy dose of empathy, humor, and vision can make even the toughest of projects a sparkling success.


Originally from Seattle, Washington, Camille is a newcomer to the DMV area and spends her free time exploring the rich history of DC, trying new restaurants, sipping lattes, and perfecting her homemade pie recipe.

Andrea Sitting.jpg

Andrea I. Hancock

Founder & CEO

Andrea believes that an organized life can significantly decrease stress in an inevitably stressful life.  Born and raised in the Washington, DC Metro area, she graduated with a degree in accounting from the University of Maryland at College Park.  Andrea spent almost 15 years in fields of government HR, administration, and non-profit accounting. She uses her knowledge and experience to create processes and systems for her clients.

Since starting Dexterous Organizing in March of 2010, she loves assisting overwhelmed professionals, transitional and downsizing families to gain more control in their lives and manage less chaos in their homes and workspaces. An active member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), she works hands-on with her clients from strategy, implementation, and (for those who are open to creating positive change) organizing coaching.  


While professional organizing deals with the stuff, Andrea is a graduate of the foundation courses of Coach Approach for Organizers and uses organizing coaching as a tool to partner with her clients to dig a little deeper to clarify values and ‘what matters most’ in order to create a more balanced lifestyle.

When she’s not organizing herself or her clients, she’s in her volunteer ministry, reading and studying to improve her life (and a little for pleasure), traveling, enjoying new and favored delicious food and drink.  She also enjoys watching a good movie on the couch with her husband and Yorkie at home in Alexandria, near Huntley Meadows Park. 

Kellie Standing.jpg

Kellie Powell

Lead Organizer & COO

A native of Washington, DC, Kellie Powell started and operated a successful business for years while living in North Carolina. With a background in business accounting and psychology, she transitioned back to the DMV area and began a career that honed her love of organizing. In Washington DC, she proved to be the foundation of success for a landscape architectural firm, working very closely with the CEO.


Kellie partnered with Andrea and joined the Dexterous Organizing family in 2017. She immediately joined NAPO and continues in her already solid foundation and experience in organizing.


In addition to her patient and understanding nature, Kellie brings her love of people, creativity and interior design to Dexterous Organizing's already stellar reputation of a compassionate and non-judgmental organization and design.  She has an intense passion for helping people and spends much of her free time in volunteer counseling work.


She currently lives in Springfield with her beloved husband, cherished nephew, and her darling Havanese.

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