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What Would You Like to Know?

What areas do you service?

Unless a direct referral from a trusted client or business partner, we charge a mileage fee $1/mile from our home office in Old Town Alexandria. Outside of our service area?We can also provide prospective clients with a list of trusted organizers in their area 

How quickly can I receive a quote? 

We typically do not provide quotes over the phone. We schedule FREE Discovery Calls to get details about your projects, about you, and about your timeline to provide a custom quote for your specific needs.

Smaller projects tend to average the investment range of $350-$500, while larger projects typically range $1000-$3000.

  • For larger, detailed or long-term projects (like whole-home organization, habit/organization coaching, major decluttering, space planning, closet design) you can get a quote within your detailed project plan after an in-person consultation which can take 3-5 business days after the consultation.

  • For more straight-forward or short-term projects (one-room or closet light organization, unpack & organize) you can get a quote 1-3 business days after a virtual (video) consultation or you send us pictures.

PLEASE NOTE: Dexterous Organizing will determine what is a large or small project after we have a brief 10-20 minute chat over phone, text, or video conference.