A British energy company (E.ON) conducted a survey asking people to rank events by how stressful they are. 62% voted that moving was the most stressful event, followed by a break up/divorce, and starting a new job. Let’s also mention that moving is usually followed by divorce or starting a new job! Yikes!

Here are some tips to make it less stressful:

  1. Sort, purge, donate, sell, or trash excess - There’s no greater regret from clients than having to pack up or pay someone to move items you trash or donate on the other side of the move.

  2. Visualize & plan where things will go in the new spaces - Paying someone to move your couch only to realize it doesn’t fit comfortably in your new living room is not only a bummer on your mood but your budget.

  3. Group like things together or by the room, they will live at the new space - If you group items where they will live in the new space pre-packing, your unpacking will be less stressful.

  4. Label, label, label - Labeling boxes with contents, the priority of opening, and what room it should land is a bit of work and thought on the packing end but saves so much time and frustration on the unpacking side.

  5. Plan for the days after the move - Pack a bag of clothes and toiletries for the first few days after the move. Don’t forget to pack away paper plates, napkins, and eating utensils for pre-prepared foods or take-out will help you save some sanity as your energy levels will surely be low after managing a move.

It's Sunglasses Day and although we might be in a pandemic, going outside and enjoying the sun are still glorious opportunities to enjoy.

Some of us may have a sunglass love and for those folks, it's great to have access to and keep your favorite shades in one place and organized!

Here are some suggested ways to keep your eyewear right where you need them.

This sunglass holder can hang right on the wall or door in your closet or by the door so you don't forget to pick up your favorite pair or make sure your pair matches your outfit!

Want to have a display right on your dresser or vanity? Look like you're shopping right from your closet!

Keep your shades cool and dust-free with this beautiful vanity! Don't have 8 pairs of sunglasses to fill this case? No problem! It can also hold watches, bowties, or other small accessories.

Keep cool y'all!

Did you know there was a day dedicated to #nodirtydishes Our dish cleaning habits and routines usually come from whatever our household did when we grew up. If we had a family that didn't allow dishes to sit in the sink overnight than we usually can't go to bed without loading the dishwasher or busting some suds.

We may have rebelled or set our own rules for our household depending on our schedules, preferences, cooking, and eating habits.

Here's an infographic that a busy family can follow or set a framework for their own dish cleaning routine.

Happy #nodirtydishesday