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Time to completion: 4-6 hours (1 Organizer)

Case Study: Not Married to the Mess

A busy professional woman in her thirties that worked full-time out of the home shares a walk-in closet with her husband in Alexandria, VA. 


During the week, her closet was frustrating but she loathed spending her weekend trying to figure out a better way to organize it.


We worked to edit things out of the closet that was unworn, out-dated, and unrepairable. Switched out to matching hangers, and sorted clothing by type.

Result? The client reported that getting dressed in the morning was so much easier and actually something she looked forward to.

NOTE: Completion times vary based on the client preferences, client speed of decision-making space, and volume of items to be organized.

Case Study: One Room to go!

A Springfield, VA client with a lovely home where everything was in its place except in storage areas. 


One big area that caused her angst was her laundry room that also tripled as  storage for several categories (including holiday decor, household supplies, and extra pantry items, and a utility work area)

A Dexterous Organize team of four worked for about 5 hours to help her edit and to re-zone, contain and label the entire basement!  We had haulers come to take away two full truckloads of donations and discard.

The client was pleased, she would "sneak to her basement" to rub her eyes in disbelief about how organized and functional her space has become.


laundry springfield va before and after

Time to completion: about 20 hours (completed 5 hours by team of 4)

NOTE: Completion times vary based on the client preferences, client speed of decision-making space, and volume of items to be organized.

mailroom before & after Alexandria.jpg

Case Study: Getting Down to Business

Hired by an Executive for a city sanitation enterprise to help organize admin staff and reorganize support storage rooms like mail and supply rooms.

Dexterous Leadership did a deep-dive with a front-desk assessment with an executive assistant, put in new systems to keep her desk presentable to represent the beautiful aesthetics.

The executive and administrative staff was super pleased with the results as we worked hand-in-hand in declutter and making the supply room easier to use.

Dexterous Organizing is looking forward to continuing the relationship by offering training to support staff on organization and productivity.

Time to completion: about 20 hours (storage areas completed in 5 hours by 4 organizers)

Case Study: Welcome Home!

Dexterous Organizing worked with an elementary-school teacher in Alexandria, VA starting a new job after an exhausting move from Europe as her husband is in the military. 

Despite moving quite a bit, it was still a hardship with 2 young-children to care for and a new job to prepare for.  She wanted to spend her summer with less stress and be ready to start the new school year with ease.

The Dexterous Team worked in their 4-story 3 bedroom home for several days to unpack all of the areas the family use on a regular basis: kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, playroom, and bathrooms.

The client was pleased and her kids could spend time with mommy before school started!

Alexandria kids room before and after2.j

Time to completion: about 30 hours (major living spaces unpacked in 3 days) 

NOTE: Completion times vary based on the client preferences, client speed of decision-making space, and volume of items to be organized.

estate clear out oakton before and after

Case Study: Declutter to Construction

A local high-end home builder reached out to Dexterous Organizing because their Oakton, VA client needed help decluttering and packing and were beyond overwhelmed.

The senior couple had lived in their home for decades and most rooms were chock full with furniture, memories, and access supplies.

A large team worked for a week to work in carefully decluttering.  Making meticulous edits of things that would move with the client to their temporary apartment during construction, what would be put in a storage pod, and what would be discarded. Things were packed and label for clear designation.

The construction company was able to start construction in what would have been an impossible venture otherwise.

Time to completion: about 140 hours (4 rooms in basement completed in about 5 days)

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