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About Dexterous Organizing…

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Yes, it's true!

We put the pieces of your life together with organization...

Call us crazy, but we love to organize. Many of our team seem to just be born with the desire and ability to turn chaos into calm.  

We don't judge and we don't make you throw away anything you don't want to. We will patiently help you figure it all out (from a drawer to an attic, to an office supply room) with a layer of our expertise for design, systematizing, and organizing. During the process, you might even have fun with us!

We can't wait to help you as your home organizer, office organizer, or move management team.

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Andrea Hancock

Founder & Director of Business Development


Chiree Danielle Wanzer

Project Manager


Thanh Dan Do

Team Member


Ashleigh Johnson

Associate Team Member

Kellie Powell

COO & Director of HR


Nancy Weissman

Team Lead


Ingrid Saavedra

Associate Team Member


Vanessa Ferrero Mendoza

Associate Team Member

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