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Busy Professionals

You work long hours on the job and juggle many responsibilities at home. You need ways to keep your busy life simple, productive, and enjoyable.

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Parents with Newborn Baby

Expert help when you need it most

Major Life Transitions

You had a major life change (new home, change in your personal life, loss or gain of a new family member) and it's affecting the way you work, live and even get along with your family. You need help outside of a "helpful" and well-meaning family member or friend. Let Dexterous Organizing assist you in the transition into the new phase of life and adjust to the change without much of the stress and hassle of trying to get it done on your own.

  • moving prep

  • unpacking & organize

  • estate sales

  • reorganizing after a death or a break-up

  • creating space for roommates or family member

Home Organizing


​Your home can be your haven, a place where you recharge to be the successful and happy person you deserve to be. Let us help you in any or all of these steps:

  • de-clutter

  • create zones and containment solutions

  • help you create systems and processes to help you STAY organized.

  • organization & productivity coaching

  • closet, pantry, or office design and installation

Business Meeting

Office, Tech & Paper Management


You went into business to let your strengths shine and to make income on your own terms! Creating organization systems for back of office is necessary for your business to thrive. Let Dexterous Organizing help with one of the following:

  • office design & built-ins

  • creating paper-management systems

  • delegation of file upkeep

  • going paperless or paper-lite

  • office organization

  • inventory organization

  • organization & productivity coaching

About Us!

Dexterous Organizing is a results-oriented lifestyle company for professionals and families in the Washington, DC Metro area. We believe that our clients are whole and capable of creating the life they want to live. We strive to be assistants and gentle guides in the journey of organization and productivity fitness. 

We create a non-judgmental and progressive environment to help our clients identify and move beyond any distressing disorganization or overwhelming organizational projects with dexterity.

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